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Farmer and consumer partnerships are now possible through Trace & Save!

Agricultural sustainability should be every farmer’s goal. When it comes to agricultural sustainability it usually means more efficiency, which means more profits. Here is an opportunity to partner with consumers to achieve this, ensuring a process of protecting the environment and our future.

Trace & Save aims to encourage, and assist, the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices on farms.

Trace & Save provides measures of indicators of sustainability, allowing farmers to track changes on their farm pertaining to sustainability, while being assisted and advised in how to become more sustainable in their practices.

The measures of sustainable agriculture are also used to show consumers, with integrity, whether sustainable agricultural practices are being implemented.

Agricultural sustainability will only be trustworthy if it is measured and all facets of the agro-ecosystem are considered properly. For example water and soil are just as important as the atmosphere, when it comes to the environmental impact of agricultural practices. Trace & Save uses various measures of on farm indicators: 1) the SWAN system (Soil, Water, Atmosphere and Nutrients); 2) people welfare; 3) animal welfare; 4) biodiversity conservation, to attain a trustworthy, holistic measure of agricultural sustainability.

The SWAN system, along with the measuring of people and animal welfare, and biodiversity management, provides a comprehensive representation of the relative sustainability of a farm’s current practices and physical conditions.


The indicators used in the SWAN system:

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